Keep Your Beard Comb Philthy, Not Dirty!


Your beard comb is  your most valuable weapon when it comes to the war on shave. Taming and grooming that man-muff of yours is crucial to being a member of the beard gang society. But on a serious note, your beard comb also helps reapply oils applied early on in the day, which keeps your beard moisturized and hydrated.


However, these oils, along with other foreign debris can get trapped within the fine teeth of your comb. And let's be real, you don't want this shit caked up all in your you?! Exactly! So, it's important to keep your beard comb clean for basic hygentic reasons obviously, and, to keep your beard nice and Philthy.


Lets be clear, every who has a beard know exactly why they also, own a beard comb. So, lets talk about how to keep that beard comb of yours clean, shall we?!  First, wheteher you use a plastic, wooden, or metal beard comb, these different combs will be cleaned in different ways. Most men prefer wooden beard combs because they pull out less hair when going through the beard. Some of us here use wooden combs while those of us with shorter beards, use plastic combs since they grab those baby beard hairs better. and ummm, as far as metal beard combs, they're cool and all, but we haven't come in contact with any as of yet. Sorry fellas! Now lets get down to business....


     -Get some warm water flowing (not the face melting stuff your girlfriend uses in the shower). 

     -Using antibacterial soap, drop a little onto your beard comb and spread it along the teeth of the         comb.

     -Splash a little more water onto the comb to get some of the access shop off. Adding, a little more       soap to a tooth brush and scrub from the base of the comb to the tips of the teeth.

     -Rinse the shop and whatever debris out of the beard comb. removing any extra water with a                 towel.


When using a wooden beard comb you should just make sure you dry the comb completely and dont answer the phone!!! not allow too much exposure to water. It may damage the lifespan of the comb itself.


Fellas, use common sense when it comes to the frequency of cleaning your beard comb. If you look down and see some shit built up and the base of the comb, clean that thing out dude! you down wan tithe getting back into your beard and have some science experiment going out of your face.


But anyway, we appreciate you taking the time reading our first blog post. For our first blog write up, we felt as if it was something simple to start with, relatable, somewhat obvious, but still informative. Plus, there's no wrong or right way to do this. Feedback is greatly appreciated, we just ask that you keep it professional and positive. We look forward to many more.


-Philthy Beard Care Co.   




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Keep Your Beard Comb Philthy, Not Dirty!

February 1, 2018

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